Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring update!

Hey there!

I'd like to first apologize with my negligence in updating this blog. I promise that things are still being planned and getting done, but here's to a new commitment to letting the public know about them!

So. What's going down this spring?

-A screening of the Water First film at the Philmont Public Library at 6:30 on Sunday, April 15

-A bake sale at the first CSA pickup of the Farm at Miller's Crossing

-A concert for this spring is currently in the works! The lovely Red Lions from Albany and also Melonious Thunk from Troy have expressed interest, and I'm meeting with different local venues to discuss an awesome benefit event

-I've been working with my youth group at Grace Fellowship Church in Latham to discuss fundraising ideas and plans. We are in discussions of repairing a well for $2,000!

-I plan on continuing to visit local elementary schools to let the students know about this project and global issues as a whole.

Happy Spring! or shall I say summer?



(as always, hit me up by email at with questions or comments or anything else. I'd love to hear from you!)

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